Body Care is the New Skincare

When we think about rejuvenating our skin, what is the first part of the body we think of? Our face, our hands, maybe our neck? In today’s society, fueled by the beauty industry thus far, skincare is tremendously caught up with products and treatments for the face. While these treatments are of course helpful, targeting the rest of our body is even more important to all-around care. In today’s edition, we will look at why body care is the new skincare.

Face and Body Connection

Our entire body is connected, there is no denying that. When we talk about connection, we don’t mean how our skin is all connected, but rather our body comprises lymph nodes, circulatory system, nervous system, hormones, and most importantly, fascia. In today’s skincare culture, the focus is on treating and caring for the face. But if our face and body are connected, shouldn’t we take care of our body with the same devotion?

Put in the Bodywork

Many holistic practices such as acupuncture, lymphatic massages, and deep-tissue massages target the deeper layers of the skin to release tension, reduce toxins and increase skin elasticity. Issues like skin puffiness can be greatly reduced with these techniques. Treating common problems like aging, tired skin, and inflammation by addressing the root causes in the body are much more effective and long-term solutions.

Treat your Body with nooii

Some of the treatments we mentioned above like acupuncture usually require a professional. But massages can be done from the comfort of your home, right? For the perfect massage, you need the perfect cream. That’s where nooii comes in! Our soothing Organic Body and Hand Lotion is made with organic ingredients, no listed preservatives, and a blend of unique essential oils. Take a small amount of lotion and begin to massage your limbs, slowly adding more pressure to target your deepest muscles. Choose from our unisex scent of Mountain Pine, Bergamot, and Cedarwood, or our refreshing Mandarin, Thyme, and Neroli combination for a spa-like experience at home!